Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quotes Songs Lyrics

Hey there! Jujur, gue posting karna gue bingung mau ngapain dan ahirnya gue terinspirasi buat nge post. okay, now gue mau ngepost tentang beberapa lirik lagu yang menurut gue kata-katanya itu...... 'THISS!!'. LOL. lets checkthis ouuuuuuuut
  • you made me insecure,told me i wasnt good enough. but who are you to  judge ( who says - Selena Gomez) 
  • Kenapa ada derita bila bahagia tercipta. (berhenti berharap-sheila on 7)
  • I'm afraid and stuck in my ways. (almost easy-a7x)
  • Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? (bohemian rhapsody - Queen)
  • Aku harus belajar tersenyum sebelum membunuh. Sebelum membunuh rasa takutku. (generasi patah hati-sheila on 7)
  • And now i cry in the middle of the night for the same damn things (because of you - kelly clarkson)
  • We were more than friends, before the story ends. (a little peace of heaven-A7x)
  • So please don't ever change, no don't you ever change. I kind of like you just the way you are. (don't ever change-the beatles)
  • I've tried and tried to say what's on my mind. (listen-beyonce)
  • Try so hard not to think of you. (taking me over-evanescence)
  • I don't want to say goodbye. I can see the fear inside your eyes. (missing you-evanescence)
  • I am still so much in love with you. (big chance-bee gees)
  • I need some time alone. Don't talk to me. Don't notice me. (alone-blink182)
  • Take me with you, i will never let you down, i will love you now and forever. (take me with you-secondhand serenade)
  • Everyday and night, your the best thing in my life. (dreaming-blink 182)
  • I can do anything. Cause your love is so amazing, cause your love inspires me. (i turn to you-christina aguilera)
  • It hurts so bad to know the truth, but i am still in love with you. (until you're over me-maroon 5)
  • I don't know who you are. But I .. I'm with you. (i'm with you-avril lavigne)
  • Akhirnya kita tahu, kita takkan bersatu. (kita tak kan bersatu-audy)
  • I love every minute we spend together. I think we will last forever. (dreaming-blink 182)
Well, that's all some of my favorite quotes lyrics song. thanks for read my post! XOXO

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