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that's me. im Ghinabilla Viranissa, but everybody call me Abil. I have another blog. but it was hacked. so, i made this new blog. I was born on August 28, 1996. Im Indonesian and im exotic. LOL. i live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. i love my country more than much. i love music. music is my soul. i can control my mood with music. Imma labile teenager. oh yeah everybody does. im beauty on my own way. im not prefect. i love my mom, dad and my step brother. and also my older sister. i really adore her. i love my friends. all of my friends. imma dreamer. everyday im dreaming. aah, i love photography and im addicted with twitter! LOL. i believe in God. i believe in Miracle. i love triΔngle. i love my life. i hate copycat. imma annoying and selfish girl. hate me? i dont care. you'll always remember me anyway. XOXO