Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yeahhuuu, im back! im so excited to telling y'all about my day! well, a day before yesterday. January 20, 2012 i met with my Junior High School besties. oh my God, it's been for 9months we not get together like that. i miss them like, a LOTTTT. haha, we met at 4 o'clock in kalimilk, Yogyakarta. And yeah, its so fun!! then at 7 pm when we get ready to the cashier to pay for ourorders, one of us, Tika, saw the contest announcement in kalimlk funny photos. we're so excited to follow it!! after paying for our order. We're go to 'kalimilk hall of fame' or...... something like that. LOL. so yeah, We took some picture and taraaaaaaaaathere! want to see? 
check this one out;;) 

Tika, Cia, Bella, Me

Me and Tikaaa


PANDAWA. Tika, Me, Bella, Cia


Me and Cia

Me and Cia

Me, Mas Angga, Cia

Tika, Me, bella, Cia.

Tika, Me, Bella, Cia

Tika, Me, Bella, Cia. Seven icons!!! :D

Tika, Me, Bella, Cia.

Tika, Me, Bella, Cia.

Bella, Cia, Me, Tika.

Bella, Me, Tika, Cia. I love you.

That's some photos that we took in kalimilk. hope we'll be the winner and get iPhone 4s or Blackberry Dakota!! wish we luck guys ;;) XOXO

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